Getting started

New Visio Diagram

  • Download and run Setup. This will install SkyHi on the main menu bar of your Visio application. You can adjust the settings under Options -> Add Ins.
  • Create a new document.
  • Right-click anywhere and select Solution Defaults from the top of the drop down menu. Select a Schema: AWS, Azure or Google. This will open the Data Sheet for the page with default settings, which will be inherited by the shapes you create and which can be changed anytime.
  • Right-click on the page again. The top menu choice will open the list of cloud services. Double click your selection.
  • This places the service shape on the center of the page and populates the Data Sheet. The Data Sheet is always for the selected object.
  • Adjust the attributes of the shape from the list boxes, including quantity (units).
  • Right-click on the shape to open the pricelist. Double click on a line item (sku) to add the data to the shape. This will calculate the cost of the service for the given parameters.
  • Click anywhere on the page to see the solution total.
  • You can copy and paste shapes to quickly build out the solution diagram. This retains the configuration.
  • All other Visio functionality remains the same. All information is stored in the document itself. There is no other repository.

Existing Visio Diagram

  • Open your solution, select shapes. Choose Set Schema from the Solution group on the SkyHi menu tab. This will create the Data Sheet and apply default parameters. This will erase and replace all previous shape data.
  • (Note: More information is forthcoming. Thanks.)