Need a cloud solution for a Mars landing in a hurry?

SkyHi AWS Builder

Nothing gets your AWS cloud solution up faster than the right template.

SkyHi is your automated builder for AWS CloudFormation. Get it here.

  • Cloud infrastructure as easy as low-code. Free.
  • SkyHi greatly simplifies and speeds up the design of AWS CloudFormation templates.
  • Start from any web or local script, or work with the stacks directly from your AWS account.
  • Access to all of AWS' resources (625) and properties (16,000). Auto-insert values and verify references.
  • Deploy with to AWS with one click or export the YAML/JSON script.
  • Instant script validation per AWS specifications. Context sensitive help. Pinpoints and resolves deployment exceptions.
  • Extensive library of ready to use solution templates.

See how easily you can modify and deploy your scripted AWS solution.