Better AWS Management

Design and manage solutions with intelligent forms, an architecture repository and supporting business logic
A complete low-code style alternative to CloudFormation scripts.
Easily change scope: Manage an entire topology, a solution or a single property.
Automate tasks like deployment, change requests and drift detection.
Here you have your consolidated SaaS enterprise solution for all of AWS, available instantly.

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Cloud infrastructure as low-code, instead of Yaml. Design your cloud solution with an easy-to use interface. This replaces 95% of scripting. Constant validation and context help ensure your solution will deploy. Work with stacks directly from AWS or import templates.


Manages the lifecycle and orchestration of AWS stacks and resources across your environment. Change stacks on the fly. Get reports on your entire environment, or any resource, policy, attribute and dependency.


Eliminate drift by using a single configuration-controlled interface. You'll have a searchable repository with all your resources, created automatically and kept constantly in sync with your actual deployment. Speed up solution development by re-using assets from the reference library.